Month: April 2018

How to Fix the Knicks in 1 Year

With the injury to Porzingis this team is not going to have tremendous success next year.  However it will allow much of the young talent to improve, and provide a good pick in next years draft.  It also provides increased cap flexibility for next year. 

The Westgate Super Contest: The Winning Percentage ATS You Need To Compete

From this, we can conclude that capper with a 57% record ATS would have 13% chance of correctly picking 52 or more winners, the winning range, in the Super Contest.  A capper with a 60% record ATS would have a 29% chance of finishing in the winning range in the Super Contest.  If, miraculously, you have a legitimate 65% record against the spread, then you would be a prohibitive favorite and expected to finish in the winning range 2 out of every 3 years, or 66% of the time.