A Case Against the Multi-Unit “Lock” Bet

There are two general problems with the purported concept that some bets are such locks that they merit a ten, twenty, thirty or forty times increase in your bet size. The first, more obvious problem, is the marketing manipulation involved in these claims. The second, more catastrophic problem, is that with the “10x Unit” wager you are almost certain to lose money betting these “locks,” even if we accept the touts proclamation that the wagers have gone 7-3 against the spread in the last ten wagers. With the facially absurd “40x Unit” wager, you are guaranteed to lose all of your bankroll.

How to Fix the Knicks in 1 Year

With the injury to Porzingis this team is not going to have tremendous success next year.  However it will allow much of the young talent to improve, and provide a good pick in next years draft.  It also provides increased cap flexibility for next year. 

The Westgate Super Contest: The Winning Percentage ATS You Need To Compete

From this, we can conclude that capper with a 57% record ATS would have 13% chance of correctly picking 52 or more winners, the winning range, in the Super Contest.  A capper with a 60% record ATS would have a 29% chance of finishing in the winning range in the Super Contest.  If, miraculously, you have a legitimate 65% record against the spread, then you would be a prohibitive favorite and expected to finish in the winning range 2 out of every 3 years, or 66% of the time.